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Aspiradora de Robot Ultrasónica Simpática con 1200pa WIFI

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Aspiradora de Robot Ultrasónica Simpática con 1200pa WIFI

BlitzWolf BW-XRC600 Aspirador ultrasónico Smart Robot


BlitzWolf Customized 3350mAh
Batería recargable de iones de litio de alta calidad, alta capacidad, sin efecto de memoria, más de 120 minutos de tiempo de trabajo continuo, fácil de manejar 150m 2 + casa
BW-XRC600 tiene una duración más larga en el uso que Ni-MH y más efectiva que batería de ion de litio promedio (2000-2600mAh),

(Battery Memory Effect—Which is loss in capacity when battery is recharged without being fully depleted,
Therefore, with the deficiency, battery lifespan becomes shorter and shorter, the cleaner will not work effectively.)

However, BlitzWolf XRC-600 is here to satisfy all your need!!!

BlitzWolf Smart APP Wifi Control
XRC600 provides App to remote control of your robotic cleaner, no matter how far you are, (3G/4G supported too.)
You can also set your cleaning schedule, once schedule is set, the robotic cleaner will work automatically as the time you wish, even without wifi.
It is time to farewell outdated and complicated buttons on machine panel, which you have to pressing the button repeatedly…

BUT ALSO FOR INVISIBLE DUST !!! Thats a Real Cleaner’s JOB !

We Have Smart Z-Shape Cleaning Mode 
General cleaners are only support «random mode», «border mode» and «spot mode», which are wasting power and time in route that have been cleaning.

BW-XRC600 support Z-Shaped walking mode, allows you choose this mode to makes your home cleaning more efficiently!
XRC600 will plan a smart road from the begining, and with the help of the incomparable suction, offer you a cleaner home:)

253.7UM Cold Cathode UV Light Produce 1500uw/cm3 level UV light, UV sterilize while cleaning the floor, inhibit bacterium breed. AND THAT MEANS

«Por favor, quédate en esta habitación». & «Por favor no ingrese a esta sala».
Mejore enormemente la eficiencia de la limpieza 

Nuestra más sincera sinceridad
haciendo todo lo que esté a nuestro alcance para entregarle el producto perfecto .


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